Thursday, April 11, 2013

Heinz Chilly Sauce Campaign

Hi All, Posting after a really long time. This post is really special for me. Not only coz I won ABBY award - Gold for Illustration Category along with Silver for Art Direction to Shailesh Khandeparkar but also for creating Contemporary Illustration first time in my life & won Gold for it. I was always scared to accept this style of Illustrations coz of a fear that will I able to do in this style and will people appreciate me or not. Thank you Shailesh for giving me this project & good timeline. Also when I'm physically weakest of my life. So I want to thank & dedicate these piece of art to God, all my Doctors, Nurses, my Aai (Mother), my Mausi (Aunty), my dear Amol, Archana, Vinayak & Akshay, my friend Vijay, Ganesh and Hetal who stood along with me to support & encouraging me to do better even when I was feeling weak. God is great for providing me such a good people in my life. Thank you all for your support. This is possible only because of you all. Thank you for being there. C u on another post very soon.